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Is it der, die oder das Administration?


The correct article in German of Administration is die. So it is die Administration! (nominative case)

The word Administration is feminine, therefore the correct article is die.

Finding the right gender of a noun

German articles are used similarly to the English articles,a and the. However, they are declined differently (change) according to the number, gender and case of their nouns.

In the German language, the gender and therefore article is fixed for each noun.

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The most difficult part of learning the German language is the articles (der, die, das) or rather the gender of each noun. The gender of each noun in German has no simple rule. In fact, it can even seem illogical. For example das Mädchen, a young girl is neutral while der Junge, a young boy is male.

It is a good idea to learn the correct article for each new word together - even if it means a lot of work. For example learning "der Hund" (the dog) rather than just Hund by itself. Fortunately, there are some rules about gender in German that make things a little easier. It might be even nicer if these rules didn't have exceptions - but you can't have everything! The best way to learn them is with the App - Der-Die-Das Train! (available for iOS and Android)

German nouns belong either to the gender masculine (male, standard gender) with the definite article der, to the feminine (feminine) with the definite article die, or to the neuter (neuter) with the definite article das.

  • for masculine: points of the compass, weather (Osten, Monsun, Sturm; however it is: das Gewitter), liquor/spirits (Wodka, Wein, Kognak), minerals, rocks (Marmor, Quarz, Granit, Diamant);

  • for feminine: ships and airplanes (die Deutschland, die Boeing; however it is: der Airbus), cigarette brands (Camel, Marlboro), many tree and plant species (Eiche, Pappel, Kiefer; aber: der Flieder), numbers (Eins, Million; however it is: das Dutzend), most inland rivers (Elbe, Oder, Donau; aber: der Rhein);

  • for neutrals: cafes, hotels, cinemas (das Mariott, das Cinemaxx), chemical elements (Helium, Arsen; however it is: der Schwefel, masculine elements have the suffix -stoff), letters, notes, languages and colors (das Orange, das A, das Englische), certain brand names for detergents and cleaning products (Ariel, Persil), continents, countries (die artikellosen: (das alte) Europa; however exceptions include: der Libanon, die Schweiz …).

German declension of Administration?

How does the declension of Administration work in the nominative, accusative, dative and genitive cases? Here you can find all forms in the singular as well as in the plural:

1 Singular Plural
Nominative die Administration die Administrationen
Genitive der Administration der Administrationen
Dative der Administration den Administrationen
Akkusative die Administration die Administrationen

What is the meaning of Administration in German?

Administration has various definitions in German:

[1] General and politically, often pejorative: administration, government, executive (mostly as an incorrect translation for the US government as a so-called false friendship often also occurring in general constructions in the Russian-speaking area)

[1] allgemein und politisch, oft abwertend: Verwaltung, Regierung, Exekutive (meist als inkorrekte Übersetzung für die US-amerikanische Regierung als so genannter falscher Freund; häufig auch in allgemeinen Konstruktionen im russischen Sprachraum vorkommend)

[2] Administration in the Catholic Church

[2] Verwaltung in der katholischen Kirche

[3] Computer science: administration, care, maintenance and support of computer systems, computer networks, internet forums

[3] Informatik: Verwaltung, Pflege, Wartung und Betreuung von Computersystemen, Computernetzen, Internetforen

How to use Administration in a sentence?

Example sentences in German using Administration with translations in English.

[1] Um Genaueres zu erfahren, müsst Ihr Euch an die Administration wenden.

[1] To find out more, you have to contact the administration

[1] Wegen schlechter Administration schlug das Unternehmen fehl.

[1] The company failed due to poor administration

[1] Die Administration der Finanzen ist Sache des Finanzministeriums.

[1] The administration of finances is the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance

[1] „Ursprünglich hatte der Antragsteller die betreffende Kollegin für die Funktion ausgewählt, doch bereits nach kurzer Zeit band er seinen Stellvertreter (auch abgeltungsmäßig) in die Administration ein, wobei jedoch ein größerer Teil der Aufgaben (zB Stundenplan, Supplierplan sowie Abrechnung der Prüfungstaxen) von der Kollegin verrichtet werden musste.“

[1] “Originally, the applicant had selected the colleague in question for the function, but after a short time he tied his deputy (also in terms of compensation), but a larger part of the tasks (e.g. timetable, supplier plan and billing the examination tax ) The colleague had to be done "

[2] „Die Katholische Administration führt die Verwaltungsgeschäfte des Katholischen Kollegiums und des Administrationsrates. Sie ist die eigentliche Schnittstelle im Katholischen Konfessionsteil und für den Vollzug der Beschlussfassungen in den Gremien und die Weiterleitung von Informationen zuständig. Die Administration ist Anlaufstelle für die Kirchgemeinden, das Bistum und weitere Stellen und ist unterteilt in fünf Bereiche.“

[2] “The Catholic administration conducts the administrative business of the Catholic College and the Administration Council. It is the actual interface in the Catholic denomination part and the execution of the decision -making appearances in the committees and the forwarding of information. The administration is a point of contact for the parishes, the diocese and other places and is divided into five areas. ”

[3] Die Administration des JBoss-Servers ist eine komplizierte Angelegenheit, insbesondere wenn man nur ein Anwendungsentwickler ist.

[3] The administration of the JBoss server is a complicated matter, especially if you are only an application developer

[3] Das Schwierigste bei der Administration einer Datenbank ist das sogenannte Tunning.

[3] The most difficult thing in the administration of a database is the so -called tunnings

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