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Der-Die-Das Train

A Game of German Articles

Master German articles with our thrilling game! Impress your friends as you climb the leaderboards and become a true native speaker!

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A Game of German Articles

Der-Die-Das Train is an engaging game that helps you master German nouns and their corresponding articles - ‘der’, ‘die’, and ‘das’. Learn and memorize with ease as you play!

Learn new German words and their articles in a fun and engaging way with our train-themed game.

Say goodbye to the frustration of remembering ‘der’, ‘die’, and ‘das’ - the foundation of German grammar a major challenge for any German learner.

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German Nouns and Their Articles

Noun + Article

In German, every noun has a gender and a corresponding article. It’s important to learn these together.


There are general rules or grouping of nouns, either by subject area or by which letters they end on. As always, there are exceptions to these rules. These rules and, when applicable, exceptions are integrated into the game at certain points.

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Gender + Grammar

“Mastering German grammar is easy with our game! Knowing the gender and article of a noun is key to unlocking the language. Our game makes learning this foundation fun and engaging.


Discover new words and expand your vocabulary as you navigate the subway network! Our system groups words thematically for easy memorization and suggests topics based on conceptual difficulty, recently visited categories, and memory retention over time. Hop on board and start exploring today!

Take control of the train with a simple touch of the screen and guide it towards the corresponding article for each noun that appears at the top of your screen. With in-game translations (currently only available in English), learning and expanding your vocabulary has never been easier or more fun!

Reinforce your learning with each word spoken out loud and accompanied by sound effects. Easily access words, articles, tips for remembering articles, translations and definitions all from within the game menu. Learning has never been more interactive and engaging!

Play for hours on end without getting bored and showcase your German language skills on the leaderboards. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go!

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Stay Motivated

Rack up points and soar to the top of the leaderboards! Stay motivated and driven as you compete to be the best!

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Keep your streak alive by practicing every day! Consistency is key to success and we’re here to help you achieve it!

Learn First, Play Later

Are you new to learning German and feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! Our learning mode allows you to master the articles and words at your own pace. And if you come across an unfamiliar word, simply call up its definition with ease.

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Stumped by an unfamiliar word in German class or during self-study? Simply search for it and discover its definition, translation, example sentences, article and declension. Plus, add it to your favorites for easy review later. Never be caught off guard by a new word again!

Download the app now and start playing today. You will be surprised how quickly and easily you will learn the articles.

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