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Is it der, die oder das Farbiger?


The correct article in German of Farbiger is der. So it is der Farbiger! (nominative case)

The word Farbiger is masculine, therefore the correct article is der.

Some people lean the name of more colored, apart from special cases (for example as a self -designation) abä German with dark skin color, increasingly choose the self -designation of Afro -German. Africans or black Africans can also be used, although this does not fit all dark -skinned people.

Finding the right gender of a noun

German articles are used similarly to the English articles,a and the. However, they are declined differently (change) according to the number, gender and case of their nouns.

In the German language, the gender and therefore article is fixed for each noun.

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The most difficult part of learning the German language is the articles (der, die, das) or rather the gender of each noun. The gender of each noun in German has no simple rule. In fact, it can even seem illogical. For example das Mädchen, a young girl is neutral while der Junge, a young boy is male.

It is a good idea to learn the correct article for each new word together - even if it means a lot of work. For example learning "der Hund" (the dog) rather than just Hund by itself. Fortunately, there are some rules about gender in German that make things a little easier. It might be even nicer if these rules didn't have exceptions - but you can't have everything! The best way to learn them is with the App - Der-Die-Das Train! (available for iOS and Android)

German nouns belong either to the gender masculine (male, standard gender) with the definite article der, to the feminine (feminine) with the definite article die, or to the neuter (neuter) with the definite article das.

  • for masculine: points of the compass, weather (Osten, Monsun, Sturm; however it is: das Gewitter), liquor/spirits (Wodka, Wein, Kognak), minerals, rocks (Marmor, Quarz, Granit, Diamant);

  • for feminine: ships and airplanes (die Deutschland, die Boeing; however it is: der Airbus), cigarette brands (Camel, Marlboro), many tree and plant species (Eiche, Pappel, Kiefer; aber: der Flieder), numbers (Eins, Million; however it is: das Dutzend), most inland rivers (Elbe, Oder, Donau; aber: der Rhein);

  • for neutrals: cafes, hotels, cinemas (das Mariott, das Cinemaxx), chemical elements (Helium, Arsen; however it is: der Schwefel, masculine elements have the suffix -stoff), letters, notes, languages and colors (das Orange, das A, das Englische), certain brand names for detergents and cleaning products (Ariel, Persil), continents, countries (die artikellosen: (das alte) Europa; however exceptions include: der Libanon, die Schweiz …).

German declension of Farbiger?

How does the declension of Farbiger work in the nominative, accusative, dative and genitive cases? Here you can find all forms in the singular as well as in the plural:

starke Deklination ohne Artikel
1 Singular Plural
Nominative Farbiger Farbige
Genitive Farbigen Farbiger
Dative Farbigem Farbigen
Akkusative Farbigen Farbige
schwache Deklination mit bestimmtem Artikel
1 Singular Plural
Nominativ der Farbige die Farbigen
Genitiv des Farbigen der Farbigen
Dativ dem Farbigen den Farbigen
Akkusativ den Farbigen die Farbigen
gemischte Deklination (mit Possessivpronomen, »kein«, …)
1 Singular Plural
Nominativ ein Farbiger keine Farbigen
Genitiv eines Farbigen keiner Farbigen
Dativ einem Farbigen keinen Farbigen
Akkusativ einen Farbigen keine Farbigen

What is the meaning of Farbiger in German?

Farbiger has various definitions in German:

[1] person who belongs to a population group whose skin is strongly pigmented, in contrast to the slightly pigmented human type, which is characteristic of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia

[1] Person, die einer Bevölkerungsgruppe angehört, deren Haut stark pigmentiert ist, im Gegensatz zum gering pigmentierten Menschentyp, der für Europa, Nordafrika und das westliche Asien charakteristisch ist

[2] Relatives of the population group in South Africa, which is mainly made of mixed and speaking and speaking Afrikaans

[2] Angehöriger der vorwiegend aus Mischlingen bestehenden und Afrikaans sprechenden Bevölkerungsgruppe in Südafrika

How to use Farbiger in a sentence?

Example sentences in German using Farbiger with translations in English.

[1] „Beim größten Einzelsportevent der Welt wird ein Farbiger der Gewinner sein.“

[1] "At the world's biggest single sports event, a color of the winners will be sore"

[2] „Am schwersten haben es die Farbigen mit ihrer Identität. Im Westkap sind sie eine Mehrheit von 85 Prozent, in ganz Südafrika eine Minderheit von knapp neun Prozent.“

[2] "The hardest of the colors with their identity in the West Cape are a majority of 85 percent, a minority of almost nine percent throughout South Africa."

[2] „In dieser Hinsicht ist die Geschichte der Farbigen in Südafrika noch trostloser als die Geschichte der Schwarzen.“

[2] "In this regard, the history of the colors in South Africa is even more bleak than the history of the Schwarzenä"

[2] „Zu Apartheidszeiten wurden alle Farbigen in einer großen Gruppe zusammengefasst – egal ob europäischer, schwarzafrikanischer, indischer oder malaiisch-indonesischer Abstammung.“

[2] "At apartheid times, all colored people were summarized in a large group-whether European, black African, Indian or Malay-Indtonian descent" "

[2] „Der Tendenz nach sollten alle Unternehmen in Südafrika etwa siebzig Prozent Schwarze, zehn Prozent Farbige, zehn Prozent Asiaten und zehn Prozent Weiße einstellen.“

[2] "According to the tendency, all companies in South Africa should set about seventy percent black, ten percent colored, ten percent Asians and ten percent white" "

[2] „Die Welle der Integration in das politische Leben Südafrikas, die knapp drei Mill. Farbige und ca. eine Mill. Inder erfassen sollte, schwappte damit an den Schwarzen vorbei.“

[2] "The wave of integration into the political life of South Africa, which was supposed to grasp almost three millions of colored and about one million Indian, spilled over the black."

How do you pronounce Farbiger?


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