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Is it der, die oder das Dunstabzugshaube?


The correct article in German of Dunstabzugshaube is die. So it is die Dunstabzugshaube! (nominative case)

The word Dunstabzugshaube is feminine, therefore the correct article is die.

Finding the right gender of a noun

German articles are used similarly to the English articles,a and the. However, they are declined differently (change) according to the number, gender and case of their nouns.

In the German language, the gender and therefore article is fixed for each noun.

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The most difficult part of learning the German language is the articles (der, die, das) or rather the gender of each noun. The gender of each noun in German has no simple rule. In fact, it can even seem illogical. For example das Mädchen, a young girl is neutral while der Junge, a young boy is male.

It is a good idea to learn the correct article for each new word together - even if it means a lot of work. For example learning "der Hund" (the dog) rather than just Hund by itself. Fortunately, there are some rules about gender in German that make things a little easier. It might be even nicer if these rules didn't have exceptions - but you can't have everything! The best way to learn them is with the App - Der-Die-Das Train! (available for iOS and Android)

German nouns belong either to the gender masculine (male, standard gender) with the definite article der, to the feminine (feminine) with the definite article die, or to the neuter (neuter) with the definite article das.

  • for masculine: points of the compass, weather (Osten, Monsun, Sturm; however it is: das Gewitter), liquor/spirits (Wodka, Wein, Kognak), minerals, rocks (Marmor, Quarz, Granit, Diamant);

  • for feminine: ships and airplanes (die Deutschland, die Boeing; however it is: der Airbus), cigarette brands (Camel, Marlboro), many tree and plant species (Eiche, Pappel, Kiefer; aber: der Flieder), numbers (Eins, Million; however it is: das Dutzend), most inland rivers (Elbe, Oder, Donau; aber: der Rhein);

  • for neutrals: cafes, hotels, cinemas (das Mariott, das Cinemaxx), chemical elements (Helium, Arsen; however it is: der Schwefel, masculine elements have the suffix -stoff), letters, notes, languages and colors (das Orange, das A, das Englische), certain brand names for detergents and cleaning products (Ariel, Persil), continents, countries (die artikellosen: (das alte) Europa; however exceptions include: der Libanon, die Schweiz …).

German declension of Dunstabzugshaube?

How does the declension of Dunstabzugshaube work in the nominative, accusative, dative and genitive cases? Here you can find all forms in the singular as well as in the plural:

1 Singular Plural
Nominative die Dunstabzugshaube die Dunstabzugshauben
Genitive der Dunstabzugshaube der Dunstabzugshauben
Dative der Dunstabzugshaube den Dunstabzugshauben
Akkusative die Dunstabzugshaube die Dunstabzugshauben

What is the meaning of Dunstabzugshaube in German?

Dunstabzugshaube is defined as:

[1] Technical device that sucks in vapor above the stove, cleans it and blows it outside or back into the kitchen

[1] technische Vorrichtung, die Wrasen über dem Herd ansaugt, reinigt und nach außen oder zurück in Küche bläst

How to use Dunstabzugshaube in a sentence?

Example sentences in German using Dunstabzugshaube with translations in English.

[1] Dunstabzugshauben funktionieren im Umluftbetrieb oder als Ablufthaube im Abluftbetrieb und können verschieden stark eingestellt werden.

[1] Extractor hoods work in recirculation mode or as exhaust air hoods in exhaust air mode and can be set to different strengths .

[1] Die Propangasflasche in der Nische speist zwei Kochflammen, darüber wölbt sich eine ausladende Dunstabzugshaube.[1]

[1] The propane gas bottle in the niche feeds two cooking flames, over which a sweeping extractor hood arches . [1]

[1] „Wer die Möglichkeit hat, die Küchenluft problemlos nach draußen zu befördern, sollte die Dunstabzugshaube als Abluftgerät installieren.“[2]

[1] "If you have the option of conveying the kitchen air outside without any problems, you should install the extractor hood as an exhaust air device." [2]

[1]„Dunstabzugshauben saugen den Koch- und Backdunst über der Kochstelle ein, leiten ihn nach außen ab oder geben die gereinigte Luft wieder in den Raum ab. Eine leistungsstarke Dunstabzugshaube empfiehlt sich besonders für offene Küchen, deren Kochgeruch sich schnell im Wohnzimmer verbreitet, und für Kochecken ohne Fenster.“[3]

[1] "Extractor hoods suck in the cooking and baking vapors above the hob, divert it to the outside or release the cleaned air back into the room . A powerful extractor hood is particularly recommended for open kitchens where the cooking smell spreads quickly in the living room,

[1] Wenn Ihre Dinner-Gäste Sie verblüfft fragen, ob das Essen vom Sterne-Restaurant um die Ecke geliefert wurde, dann hat Ihre Dunstabzugshaube einen tollen Job gemacht – und Sie an Herd, Backofen und Co. natürlich auch.[4]

[1] If your dinner guests are amazed and ask whether the food has been delivered from the starred restaurant around the corner, then your extractor hood has done a great job - and so have you on the stove, oven and couch, of course. [4]

How do you pronounce Dunstabzugshaube?


Pictures or photos of Dunstabzugshaube

[1] Eine Dunstabzugshaube über einem Gasherd als reine Ablufthaube
[1] Eine Dunstabzugshaube über einem Gasherd als reine Ablufthaube
[1] Eine Dunstabzugshaube über einem E-Herd als reine Umlufthaube
[1] Eine Dunstabzugshaube über einem E-Herd als reine Umlufthaube

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